29 OCT
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Today people who wait to board the plane from Paris to Tokyo are not to be envied. They are to spend more than 11 hours in flight. And the same time on the way back. It may seem quite bearable if it happens once-twice a year but what if every other week or even more […]

21 OCT
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Close your eyes for a second… Close your eyes and imagine a place where you dine on exquisite Gourmet cuisine… Imagine a place where you can indulge in a shower spa treatment… A place with unique modern design, where time slows down and you forget about all hustle and rush of the real world… And […]

02 APR
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Here’s what I just got in my email: Flying from Frankfurt to New York using Lufthansa Airlines I needed a last minute flight to New York to meet with a client. Poshberry was able to find me a flight on Lufthansa Airlines in First class in record time. Thanks to them, I arrived feeling refreshed […]

16 MAR
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What makes an airline great? Definitely the service on board. For me it’s fundamental that the flight attendants make my journey relaxing and cheerful. When I fly business class in British Airways, not only I often get free upgrades to the first class cabin (I am a gold member of their loyalty program after all), […]

03 MAR
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Who doesn’t like to get to the airport later, go through a fast track at the security control, enjoy a coffee and a snack in a quiet lounge while reading the latest news but most of all fly in a comfortable seat with the best possible service, disembarking quicker and ultimately getting to your destination faster. Whether […]