19 NOV
PoshBerry presents exclusively designed car at Auto Show, Zurich 2014
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Last weekend Zurich hosted one of the most remarkable auto events of the year – Zurich Auto Show.

Many outstanding cars were presented there. One car outshined one another, but only one of them was the car with a special mission to serve a special goal.

What special mission was it going to be? And what car it was?

As comfortable as possible and as posh as a PoshBerry in a paradise fruit garden, guess what it was?

Yes, it was a new PoshBerry car exclusively designed to serve one mission and one special goal – to hit people`s imagination with alluring design and make them aware of this worldwide exclusive air travel service. With this nontrivial solution advertising campaign has been brought to the next level!


PoshBerry car show
PoshBerry car show



What services was it promoting and what PoshBerry is known for?

PoshBerry renders excellent services in selecting business and first class air tickets at the best fly discount up to 40%, surprised everyone. It was decided to extend the primary level of services to the very top by making the process of travelling as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

PoshBerry representatives took care of every detail of luxury airline experience and now time has come to go even further…

Yes, they not only offer juicy top-class flight discounts, but they also put their customers` comfort at the first place and created a means for it. They thought of what their customers` needs can be and they did it. They chose Porsche as one of the leading luxury auto brand car and made it more luxurious by adding posh caramel gold and chocolate colors and exclusive magnetic elements to its design.

PoshBerry Porsche car created something special, something exclusive in the flow of similar to each other automobiles with the greatest aim ever – to let people know that PoshBerry can help people with their flight selection cares.


Many sports and media celebrities as well as the politicians attended Auto Zurich Car Show, 2014 and it was evident that PoshBerry Car did not remain unnoticed. The photo where two Queens (Miss Auto Zurich and PoshBerry Car) of the Show stay together only emphasized the beauty of each of them.

PoshBerry beauty
PoshBerry beauty


PoshBerry car left an impeccable impression on every show visitor and no doubts, its mission was successfully completed. It attracted as many looks as it could and will definitely not stop on this.

“Once you decide to select a luxury flight, PoshBerry will be glad to provide you with the unprecedented level of comfort, security and unique design” – assures Andreas Bestler, the President of the Board of Directors at PoshBerry AG.